Vision, Mission and Core Values

Genius Public Inter College (GPIC) has targeted to expand the wide range of the great minds by implying some existing aspects of education as: Motivation, Encouragement, Cultivation, Ethos and Learning Environment.

"Home to Horizon, Struggle for Excellence"


Our vision is to develop confidence, honesty, activeness and responsibilities into every child and aspire them to achieve their full potential. We will do this by providing an affectionating, caring and supportive learning environment where everyone will be equal and achievements would be bestowed.


GPIC is a school which has set a mission to set a new mark in the field of education. We want to support the young and talented mind to grow-up high and to reach their top. For this we will provide high quality education and respectful and inclusive environment that would build a foundation for lifelong learning and success.


Honesty- honesty is the best policy. An honest young mind can bring immense changes to its people and nation as well.

Hard work- hard work is key to success. Through hard work one can meet the herculian task. Hard work makes the aspirants strong, responsible, energetic and successful.

Humanity- the quality of humanity yields Nobel minds. All other aspects of the world are waste without the character of humanity. Sympathy is always greater than empathy.

Excellence Pursuit- challenges always convert into the form of success. Identify the challenges and strive to overcome them.